All amphibia are excellent swimmers and can hold their breath from 30-45 minutes. Unlike the
rest of the anthros, anthro amphibians are not bothered by cold (only extreme cold). Instead,
intense heat may cause them the "amphibian flu". This illness has three phases.
1)fever, headache, dry skin
2) spasm, illusions, fainting
Very few dragons have survived the flu ("a dry amphibian is a dead amphibian").
Amphibian skin looks oily ("sweaty" to some). In fact, it is covered by an oil, the amphibian oil. At
old times, they believed that it was the oil that gave the amphibians the ability to hold their breath
and they even sold it as a drug. Now we know that the oil's role is to keep the skin wet.

Species: amphibia kavouras     Other name: pincer     Habitat: beaches and lakes
Length: 2m     Diet: fish     Skin type: scaly     Spits: water     Group size: 1-10m     Can be
found as an anthro:

Species: amphibia delphinoura     Diet: fish     Skin type: scaly     
Habitat: beaches and lakes    Length: 4m     Spits: water     
Can be found as an anthro: yes

Species: amphibia delfini     Habitat: lakes, beaches     Length: 4m     Diet: fish     Skin type:
Spits: water     
Can be found as an anthro: yes

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