Species: griffin     Age: 34     Eye colour: brown     
Hair color: red, curly, longer than showlder
He finished studying graphic design and photography but is forced to work in a lawyer's office which
he loathes. He got fired from there and now he works in a small shop that sells coins stamps and
stuff for collectors. His dream was to become a wildlife photographer. He loves his wingless griffin
pet as much as he would love his own daughter. He's a good guy but very shy and scared of
people which is a big problem for him. Thanks to a "little" adventure in the human world, he now
has a micro chip planted in his forehead that gives him special powers. He has three little anthros
living in his kitchen: Johnny, Kim and their son, Maik. His mother died Febrtuary 24, 2004.

Species: wingless griffin     Age: 35     Eye colour: Blue     
Hair colour: blond, straight waist length
He's the singer and leader of the Sargasso.
Vitara loves him and goes crazy for a game of fetch
with him,. Poseidon threw a stone at him when they were kids, and so his ear muscles got
damaged: they are constantly flopping backwards. He is very thin, but still enjoys cooking for his
friends (he wanted to be a cook when he was a kid). He is adopted but didn't know about it till he
was 23. Ace is (with Babe) the only one who knows and is aware of the existence of
care takers.

Species: Poseidon's monster (little anthro)     Age: 40     Eye colour: green
Johnny comes from Little Island. He left the island when he couldn;t fit in. Most thought giants were
evil monsters and few including Johnny (pacifists) disagreed. Now, thanks to the giants relations
programme, giants have improved in the eyes of little people, mostly those that live on dragon
island. Those that live on Little island are still cautions. He met accidentally with Ace and Poseidon
Vitara found him unconsius after a storm. He freaked out at first but now living with giants is
part of everyday life. He was a thief before, but after the foundation of the giants  relation
programme, thieves are no longer needed, so he works in an office,monitoring the goods people
bring in before they are shipped to Little island. He lives in Poseidon's bread-case. He is married to
Kim, and has a son, Maik.

JAMES ELIAS (player) details
Species: common dragon     Age: 35     eye color: green
He's a Sargasso member and plays the guitar. As a child, his parents never cared for him, and he
grew up on the streets begging for food and money. His only friend at that time was Matthew who
tought him how to play the guitar. After Matthew died, James run from home and lived in the streets
for some years, He found a gym where he broke in every night to work out and sleep. The owner
offered him to work there, cleaning up at nights. That's when he started bulking up and he also got
some money to afford a tiny apartment. The first joined the Appendages, but they fired him
because his behaviour was bad. By joining the Sargasso, he found true friends, soulmates and a
family. He's tall and muscular. That makes him look scarier than he already is. Kia asked him
to move in with her so that she can keep an eye on his temper and his suicide attempts
(that now have reduced almost to 0). He is often having nightmares. If you ever get to meet him,
you'll see that he's just like a 10-year old, and a stubborn one as well. Being bitten by a radioactive
dragon, his animal form is now a 70m tall giant (!), he can communicate with animals and he also
gained animal instincts. Unfortunately for him though, his body follows the common dragon's mating
seasons. When he's in giant form, his behavior is always animal.
NOTE: James does NOT have a
double personality. He DOES remember everything that happened while he turns into animal
His radiation powers didn't come without a price. He will sometimes have painful seazures or feeling
like his insides are twisting. After those seazures are finished he spits out a blue goop that billy
safely disposes of. He will pass out and when he wakesup he is always animal.
Giant James' flame is more powerful (and slightly blue-tinted). It actually hurts him when/if he uses it
Story by Pandaman..

Species: Risso's dragon     Age: 40     Hair color: purple   Eye color: light purple
She is a vet and is married to Billy. She asked James to work with her and help her with the animals

Species: Claw dragon-Mountain dragon hybrid    Age: 13   Hair color: black     Eye color: red
He is Pik's and Kia's son. When Pik and Kia lived separately, he used to spend his weekend's at his
dad's place, but now that is solved now that they live together. He is considered almost a Claw

Species: Razor     Age: 17 when he died     Eye color: blue
Joshua died by an illness. Being "cursed" by a "witch" to "die another's death", his soul got trapped
in a box, that Pik found 10 years later. By opening it, Josh entered Pik's body, and now they are
living "together", He can see, hear and taste what Pik does, but he has no control over the body.
They made a deal though, and every Wednesdays, Its joshua's day! Two bad things about him is
that he always looks at other girls, and he always gets jealous when someone is looking at kia. In
time, Joshua finds that it wasn't a curse, but a second chance and the phrase "die another's death"
is a hint.

A sucesul power metal band. Producer Alan Moritch discovered Ace singing in a band and they
formed the band
Ace Jackson - vocals, guitar          James Elias - guitar          Dennis Hearzing - bass guitar
Pik Rance - drums          Kia Gray - keyboard

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