Unidragon     Age: 41    Hair color: Black, usually tied back     Eye color: honey
He is a scientist and specializes in weird and paranormal stuff. His house is a two story building, with
Sarah's bedroom as well, and a huge laboratory underground. The lab is in a large privately owned
forest.  It is full of weird gadgets. He is studying Poseidon's microchip powers. He is also studying
James' condition and Johnny's race. He comes from Honey village, way up in Stolis, so he has their
accent (something like those Irish - when they talk fast you need subtitles!-i love it though). Of
course he was the nerd of his class at school, and at young age he left the village to study science
in Yann city, where he now lives and works as a freelance inventor, doctor, vet, mechanist etc. He
was married and has a daughter but he divorced. His wife believed he loved his work more than her.
He sees his daughter at weekends. Now he is married to
Anna, and the two try to have a child of
their own. He has a pnevma dragon inside of him- he calls her
Joy, Sarah lives with him, and Babe
too. His first job was a doctor in a hospital. After a child patient of his died, the parents blamed him
and took him to court. He was, of course, innocent, but that experience traumatised him and he left
to hospital to work as a freelance. He used to work for the government before he became
free-lander. He lost his horn to an accidental explosion and people might mistake him for a winger.
He has a scar on his forehead from that.

Species: Tornado    Age: 33     Eye color: dark brown    Hair color: Black, long and curly
Do you believe in love at first sight? That's what happened between her and Babe. She didn't know
about his robotic identity, and she got scared when he showed her. But she realised she loves him.
Now, she is doing her major in biomechanics, and also working in Billy's laboratory-and next to
Babe.  She has her own room and lives there.

Species: Mountain dragon     Age: 34         Hair color: Black, long, straight     Eye color: Brown
She's Sargasso's keboard player. She's a little short but is very pretty. She is with Pik, and has a
son, Ralph. She asked James to move in with her in order to keep an eye on his suicide attempts
and even tried to teach him how to read and write. You better run when shes angry. Run fast.

Species: Pegasus (little anthro)     Age: 39    Eye color: honey  Hair color: Blonde
She is married to Johnnie and lives with him in Poseidon's kitchen. When she was 8 years old, her
family moved into Ace's house so she slowly started watching Ace. She became his
watcher. When
Ace was 6, he got very ill and Kim appeared to him to calm him down. Ace thought she was his
imaginary friend. When Ace turned 8, she returned to little island. 15 years later, she returned to
Dragon Isle and started looking for him. She accidentally fell in the wavy sea, where Johnny and
Poseidon rescued her.

fin .
Species: Claw dragon     Age: 35     Eye color: Red
He's the Sargasso's drummer and is Kia's man. He has a son, Ralph. He was jealous of James cause
he lived with Kia, but now he moved in with them as well. His worst nightmare: Heights! He grew up
with his parents in Pash city. But because of the TDO, Pash is not a place for a family of amphibians
to live. After his father's murder by racists, (pik was only a kid) Pik's mom sold everything and moved
to Yann city. He has a second "soul" living inside his body, called Joshua maxwell.

Species: Mountain dragon    Age: 24 when he was shot 9 years ago    
Eye color: brown     Hair color: Black, straight and long
He was an old classmate of kia in high-school and the Appendage's guitarist. He was on drugs but
after a friend of his died, he decided to quit. Meeting Kia again after a long time, he started hanging
out with her. .But the people from his past wanted him dead, so they arranged to kill him with a shot
on the back. A scientist took him over and turned him into a robot prototype for the RS project for
TDO (Robotic soldier). He was considered dead from everyone. When Kia found him again, she took
him to Billy. The two became very close friends. Now Babe is protecting the people of Yann City
(Protector). He has many weapons but he's still learning how to use them. The skin on his face and
neck are artificial. (personal note: When I first created the Protector, I wanted him to be a Cyborg. As
time went on I decided I wanted him a robot. That created huge plot holes in his bio, for example,
why did they need his body in order to create the robot? I hope in the future I can solve those)
The first second I heard this song I though "Protector's thoughts!" So now this song is Babe's
Also another fitting sountrack from the same band .
Protector story by Luke Gledhil
Helmet .
Babe before .
Babe's head anatomy by A. Teivos

Species: Mountain dragon     Age: 29    Eye color: brown     
Dennis was the bass player for a small band, playing in clubs. When Ace broke his arm, Alan went
out in search of a temporary bass player, and found him. There was a small misunderstanding
between Dennis and Pik, Pik thinking that Dennis was hitting on Kia, but soon everyone found he's
gay (see comics). He's now a permanent Sargasso member. He has a crush on James but doesn't
tell anyone. His father kicked him out of the house

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