Species: Pnevma spirit
Age: unknown
She is a Pnevma dragon, that uses Billy as a host.

Species: wingless griffin     Age: 10
Poseidon's pet. He didn't buy her from a pet shop. She was hutched in the wild.    While she was
only a few weeks old, her mother was killed by a
Poseidon;s monster
and she was almost eaten by a scavenger (see comics). That's when Poseidon found her and
saved her. Owning pets from the wild is illegal, so Poseidon had Billy make fake papers for him.

Species: Fairy dragon     Age: 12
Nino is about 7 cm long. He first nested in the sargasso studio. So Kia, finding him very cute,
wanted to keep him as a mascot. Soon, Nino, for uknown reasons, moved his nest inside Jame's
chest! James at first got panicked, but he got used to the idea and thought that since the two
would be living together, he might as well teach him a trick or two. He tought him the "drop dead"
trick, and also to nod if he wants to say yes. Nino also learned to respond to his name. Even
though he lives among anthros, he is feral and won't let people get too close to him-except

Species: Razor     Age: 7
Ace used to have a Razor carrier which he called.. Razor! She had a baby Razor junior. But
soon after, Razor got ill and died. Razor junior, not used to being alone, is now spending his
night is Ace's kitchen. He likes it when Ace holds him. He will be Ace's carrier when he is big

Species: Black-dragon-common dragon hybrid Age: 6
Her story is a strange one. Believe it or not, this animal is Jame's daughter! After a freak
accident in Billy's lab (like drinking things without asking!), James transforms into an animal (not
animal form, an ANIMAL). So, terrified Billy kept him in his laboratory until he made an antidote.
Roaming the forest behind Billy's lab, James met a Black dragoness and fell in love with her (it
was mating season after all) and mated. After the antidote was finished, James run after the
black dragoness who saw him and got scared. But a gun shot from poachers killed her. Upon
searching her nest, Billy found an egg which he hatched in his laboratory. DNA samples showed
that the father was James! James got panicked at that, he "knew" he was sterile and wasn't
ready to become a father. Billy agreed to let the baby grow in the laboratory since there
wouldn't be enough space in Kia's apartment. (and over time he grew to love her almost as a
daddy). Silvia has the body of an animal, but she thinks like an anthro. Her story in is the
comics. Billy is planning to create a "watch" that will make her look like an anthro. It will not be
finished before her 18th birthday though

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