Species human
Age: 14
Eye color: brown
Hair color: black

Christina's dragon to see how she met James (story will be changed).  James is her best friend and
she loves scratching his tongue. Her father died, so she is now living with her father's best friend, David.
David knows about her dragon friends. They always make him terrified, but he promised to keep the
island a secret.  Billy wires her money so that she will send him various human stuff like books, movies etc

SPECIES: human
Age: 41
Eye color
: blue
Hair: short, black
David was Roy;s (Christina's dad) best friend and co-owner of the zoo, After Tina's father died, he closed
the zoo and is now working as a bank employee. He is now Christina's step father. He knows about
dragon Island, and he is terrified of James, yet he is keeping them secret. He is gay, but keeping that a
secret as well. He lives in London, Britain

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