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Please email the writers and let them know what you think.

Stories on dragon isle:

Robotic Creator by John  Harbaugh . (email) What if Babe's creator didn't actually die? What if he turned
himself into a cyborg and now is seeking revenge?

Schoolboy Player by John Harbaugh (email) Kia signs James up at the elementary school.

James' life by Pandaman. The rough childhood of James, until he joined the appendages and later on the

Player's Life part 2 synopsis by me

The Protector - story by Luke Gledhil

Christina's dragon by  me After having his heart broken, James leave the island and ends up in a zoo in the
human world. There, he will meet a little girl... (NOTE: The story was deleted because a lot of things changed
since I wrote it. Will try to rewrite it)

Sylvia scene-small unfinished story based on my comic introducing Sylva by LukeGledhil

Joshua's story by me. A short story on how Joshua ended up being cursed and inside Pik.
Eventually changes will be made. The curse turns out was a hint

Prime Minister Drake by David a story about the Prime minister

Prime Minister Drake Part 2 By David; Now Drake is Prime Minister and he gets into new adventures

Care takers by David a story about care takers

What are cops for by David The Protector makes his first appearances and buffles the police.

Stranded - by ">David. A group of care takers get "washed away" form their home, Billy, and end up inside

Stranded again . by David. Some of Babe's nanobots head out to check if Sylvia is a habitable place for care

SKEWED TIME By John Harbaugh > Babe gets sent back in time and lives history

Griffin by John Harbaugh *zip file Poseidon visits the human world and meets someone extraordinary.

Repercussions by Luke Gledhill. A giant anthro is raised by little anthros on little island. But as he grows
up, he realises he can not live there anymore

Resolutions by Luke gledhill What happens after repercurssions? Find out here

War on Protector - By David. After an experimental weapon misfires, the army finds a good opportunity to go
after Protector

FUTURE STORIES - stories set in the far future

The life after by me (life00-life03) and John Harbaugh.  Centuries ahead into the future, after all of Babe's
friends have died, a war is taking place between dragons and humans.    (Note: Protector mentions that he is
150 years old but I want him to be much older) (Note 2: Sometimes Babe s mentioned as cyborg-that is from
the people that don;t know he is a robot)

The Life after - The giant returns by Razen Hashikado. A few years after the war has finished, humans and
dragons live in peace. But a small group of humans still are up to no good. Unfinished

Fan fiction (non canon)